How to Leverage Snapchat as a REALTOR®

Snapchat merges three of the most engaging forms of content in one location, messaging, photos, and videos. REALTORS® could use more photos and videos to capture the attention of consumers.  Over the course of the REALTOR® Conference and Expo, there were Snapchat Geofilters (overlays of your current location) strategically placed over hotels, venues, and the convention center.

The average attention span of person today is between 6-7 seconds. Snapchat allows you to record up to ten seconds per snap. Therefore, their timing matches perfectly with human’s attention span.

Snapshot videos only come in vertical format.


Snapchat photos and videos can be repurposed for Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. Create a Snapchat filter using Canva or Relay. The dimensions are 1080 x 1920.

Snapchat filter can be used for your open houses, broker tours, etc.

View 10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Snapchat to learn the reason why Snapchat is a valuable tool for REALTORS®.

Additional Instructions may be found on Social Media Examiner.

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